Bargain Monday #4

Teacups, perfect for any vintage themed event. Whether they will be used for tea or as quirky candle holders. 

These can be found at home bargains:

Plain ones with a gold rim are £1.99 per set. 

The gold dotty ones are £2.99 per set. 

Dress of the week 

This week’s dress of the week is the stunning Sophia Tolli’s Montenegro dress. This beautiful tulle A-line dress comes with hand beading and detailed lace appliqué from the neckline to the end of the train. These can also be altered to a wide range of sizings and fittings, from corsets, zips or diamanté buttons. 

Find it here

Trend alert! 

This peak of a sleeve trend has been noted in Perfect Wedding magazine. Though I love how it’ll all blend in with the skirt.. I can only imagine them becoming an annoyance later on in the evening. What are your opinions for this trend? 

Bargain Monday #1

Yes, another new series. This is where I’ll look for ideal decor/props/etc that are at a ideal price. Some maybe online finds other may be in store finds (It’ll give me motivation to go out more). 

So this first bargain find are sweet jars/displays. The sweet trolley has been a huge craze for a while now, but why not make your own instead of hiring them? 

At Home Bargains there are various jars suitable for displaying sweets, ranging from £1.29 to £8.99, handy for future use too! 

Got any bargin finds of your own? Let me know! 

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask review.

I’ve been using this product on a regular basis since I received it for Christmas and I have to say, everytime I use it it’s like falling in love with it all over again! 

Applying this on dry skin will allow your natural oils to start off the bubbling reaction with the mud mask. Which if I’m honest, and that I will always be, it tickles. A lot. But you get instant results with soft, glowing skin, and with regular use there will be long time results. For example after regular use of this mask I noticed less breakouts, tightened pores and my skin became much more hydrated. My main dry spot, my forehead, has improved significantly, to the extent that I don’t become weary of my foundation clinging onto my dry areas. 

In conclusion, although it can be a bit pricey, it’s definitely worth the investment. 

You can purchase it here