Bargain Monday #8

Hen party extravaganza! How to have a memorable hen party on a budget!

Bridesmaid pyjamas, robes, slippers and toiletry bags- from £4.99 to £9.99 each at Family Bargains 

Hen party hair/wrist band favour with personalised message- £3.49 each on ebay 

Team Bride rose gold temporary tattoos- £4.95 for sixteen on ebay  

Bargain Monday #7

Summer lovin’

As summer looms so does the heat and barbecues! Most summer weddings use a barbecue during their reception to make a relaxed, family atmosphere. 

Pineapple cups with straws- 99p each at Family Bargains 

Hot dog paper trays- £1.89 for eight on ebay 

BBQ blue gingham serving trays- £2.99 for four on ebay

Mini chip fryers, ideal for serving purposes!- 69p each at Family Bargains 

Truly vintage wedding fair at Glemham Hall 

Today I set my alarm for the begrudgingly early start to go to the truly vintage wedding fair at Glemham Hall, and to quickly sum it up, it was definitely worth it! 

In this I will go through the hall, gardens and the highlights of the exhibitors I got to meet in the marquee. 

Glemham Hall is right on the Suffolk end of the A12, a glamorous Elizabethan country house. The ceremony room is a fair size that can hold up to, 95 guests, surprisingly cool in there too- ideal for summer weddings! There’s room for a pianist, string group, any kind of musician that would tie the civil ceremony. 

Then after the ceremony you can explore the Rose Garden, a stunning scene for the formal photos. Personally I believe the gardens need a little touch up, but then again it’s still a beautiful sight to look at. Another great photo point is the archway you go through to get to the marquee, it’s naturally formed with the surrounding trees but illuminated with LED string lights. This makes the archway into a romantic pathway and I am living for it! 

And want to know the best part? The price! I was very shocked to read the price lists for the country house, with a civil ceremony followed by a reception in the marquee starting at £2,000! Prices depend on the day and season, other packages are available such as meal and drink packages. 

The exhibitors in the marquee definitely fitted the vintage theme, when walking in I was given a goodie bag with most of the contact details of the exhibitors inside (and a cheeky mini bottle of processo, don’t mind if I do!). Although there was one thing I recognised when talking to some of these exhibitiors, I was mostly given a sort of funny look when I explained that I’m a wedding planner, not a bride. Is there a secret rule that wedding planners can’t go to these events? Do we just magically have a big book of contacts on the get go? If I’m missing in a secret community please let me know. 

But enough about that, let’s talk about the highlights of the fair. As there all in all events, there were a few photobooths- but both very different. One involved a converted horse box, very unique in that sense and perfect for outdoor venues. Squeezed Limes offer a single package for everyone, with unlimited prints, time and duplicates of the photos for a personalised photo book where your guests can leave a message for the happy couple for £475.

The other photo booth involved an interactive mirror, it was hard to see with how bright it was so it’s definitely a feature for the evening! The mirror was fun to use with the options to draw and add emojis to it, think of it like a big snapchat mirror. The magic mirror co offer three different packages, starting at £275 with additional items avalible. 

Dreamwave events offer many different decorative items for hire, one that caught my attention was an ‘APPLAUSE’ light box, which would fit in perfectly with one of my bride’s who’s thinking of having a theatre wedding. There’s also Emaline Venue Styling who have a ton, and I mean a ton, of props and accessories to make sure your venue is how you visioned it! The ladies I talked to were lovely, we talked about the amount of tea sets they offer and how they’re begging to dip into steampunk accessories- something I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for! 

For invitations there was only one lady there, but her range of invitations were stunning. Poly Pickle offer a vast selection of invitations that can be customised to make the invitations truly you. I must say I do have a soft spot for her art deco/1920’s design! 

The ladies at Sole Bay Strings are true artists! They offer a wide, and I mean wide, range of songs to be performed that are appropriate for the collection. From classical to rock and pop, Hymns and Carol’s to Film, TV and radio themes to bollywood! The list seems almost endless! 

Now I realise at this point this post is getting very long, so I’m going to skip the snobby photographers and the talented but many cake makers. I’ll leave you to my best three exhibitors of the day. 

When I first saw Joe Baker I was hoping to be able to slide away, being sceptical for magicians but alas I was pulled in to try out a few of his tricks. And I have to say, I was blown away, from moving foam bunnies to named cards, he would be perfect for an ice breaker or for the kids! 

My second favourite stall was wishheart tiara design. The lady running it was so kind to let me try a few on, and I fell in love with the one shown in the gallery below, the rose gold and copper butterfly tiara. She does of course have blingy tiaras too, all handmade from vintage gems, freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals-truly bespoke and beautiful pieces. 

And finally.. Drum roll please.. My favourite exhibitor today was Hannah Weeks and her illustrations! They are absolutely stunning, all digitally done- which we all know being able to do digital art is a talent in itself, she offers various portraits. From just the bride, the bride and groom together with their venue in the background, or my favourite piece, her illustrated finger print trees! These are all unique to the bride and groom, she offers stationery and table plans too! 

I apologise for this very very long post, but there was just so much to talk about! 

Bargain Monday #6

Let there be light! 

LED lights always set the reception venue for a romantic atmosphere or a fun outdoor celebration. 

LED house string lights- £3.99 at Lidl 

Solar light lantern- £1.99 at Family Bargains 

LED string lights- from £3.99 to £5.99 at Family Bargains 

LED alphabet lights- £5.99 at Family Bargains 

Dress of the week

This week we’re taking a step back to the 50’s with this beautiful tea styled dress by Brighton Belle. The Lottie dress is perfect for a summer wedding, or even a winter one if you match it with suitable tights or stockings… Maybe even black lace tights for contrast, I’m buzzing just thinking about it!

The tulle skirt gives enough ‘poof’ to resemble an underskirt, but not too much so that it would become borderline ballgown. The lace bodice is hand beaded to add elegance to the look, without too much sparkle, the dress is fitted with a button overlay over a hidden zip, to maintain the classy look. And finally, the part of the dress that screamed out to me was the beads draping above the lace keyhole, it is definitely a fantastic way to add sexiness to the dress without revealing too much.

The Lottie dress retails for around £695 and one site you can get it is here.

Do you readers have any dresses that just screams to you as soon as you see them? Feel free to send them to me at either Twitter or Instagram!

Colour Freedom Hair Dye Review

I’ve tried a fair amount of the Superdrug exclusive Colour freedom hair dyes, one reason to try them out is because they are still fairly new to the market and the other is their reasonable price, most of their dyes come from £6.99 upwards. The 150ml is enough for me to do a full head of colour and then a top up a few weeks later (I have short hair as you’ll see in the images given)

Between my mother and I we have tried a fair amount of their Ultra Vibrant and Metallic Glory range, so I will give a review on both categories and what my recommendations would be, my opinion will be honest and we used freshly bleached hair as a base for these dyes.

Their Metallic Glory range became a big hit and was, in my opinion, what really kicked their brand off last year when grey hair was the main hair trend. I used the Graphite Grey dye some time last year, the colour was a lot darker then I had anticipated but this was my first time dipping in the grey hair trend. The colour stuck well to my hair and did was out to a lighter grey which became less harsh on my face, but my then I had decided that grey wasn’t my thing, so I added a blue dye over the grey to create a beautiful teal colour.

The recent addition to their Metallic Glory range was the Denim collection, my mother was the one to try these out, she had used the shade Vintage. This dye was put over dark brown hair so the colour payout was much darker then we had anticipated. At first our opinion on how this turned out was a mix, it looked great in the light, but it very quickly washed out and ended up having a green tinge to it which was not flattering.

Personally I prefer their Ultra Vibrant range, I currently have the shade Coral Blush on my hair as I type this, this was put on bleached hair. We was shocked after my hair dried as the colour was a lot lighter then what the box had shown, it was more pink then orange but I wasn’t mad one bit, it was a lovely colour. With the spare put aside for the top up I decided to mix in some Directions dye in the shade Apricot, this made the hair turn out very bright. You could see me from a mile away! A lot has washed out after a few washes but it still remains a lovely peach colour so again, I’m not mad one bit.

But the best dye in their whole range is their blues, I have used Truly Blue as has my mother, its currently what she has now. The dye will bleed a lot when washed, but as someone who has had dyed hair since I was 11 I’m rather used to the bleeding and am able to get it out of my pillowcases easily through the washing machine. The blue dye stays in your hair the longest in my opinion, probably because its so bright, but as it starts to wash out it does go slightly green. But its not an ugly green, its more of a mermaid/sea foam green which, come on, who doesn’t want mermaid hair?

My overall conclusion is that these dyes are great for the money, especially the blues. But make sure to look at hair samples so you know what the colour really comes out like. Unfortunately depending on the Superdrug you go to visit to, or you could find the full range on their website.

P.S. be ready for a lot of vain selfies, if you hover over the image it will tell you the dye used.

Bargain Monday #5

Giant champagne glasses, of course this could be used for the cheeky, middle aged mum joke of “I’ll just have one glass” but these have so much potential for centerpieces. With crystals, flowers, candles the amount of potential with a single giant glass is endless. 

height=”2304″>You can find these at Family Bargains for £8.99 each. 

Dress of the week

This weeks dress of the week was found in Perfect Wedding magazine, although I’m sorry to point out to the editors that they have made an error in their naming of the dress. I’m pleased to let you know that I have found the correct name for this dress, the dress featured is not Titania by Katya Katya Sheurina but, it is the Magnolia dress.

This dress immediately caught my eye with the mix of my two favorite features of this year, lace and stripes. The way Sheurina combined the two make the dress unique but elegant. The style of the dress is all about elongating the bride, this is from the vertical stripes and the way the slip on skirt pulls attention to the waistline, with the ribbon and the gathering of the silk taffeta skirt, letting the model look slimmer and taller.

Sheurina often specializes in making 2 in 1 dresses, where the lace slip can become separate from the skirt, they also offer a range of alterations so you can make your dress a one of a kind.

The Magnolia dress retails from £3,100.


Most of my posts include images, though when looking through my page they don’t appear to show up, is this the case for you readers out there? Please let me know in the comments!!