This week I was in Norwich. And although I found out that my favourite wedding shop has shutdown/relocated! But that didn’t stop me, I found today’s deals in The Works- and wasn’t disappointed one bit!

Top: Cream/Peach Peony Craft Corsage– £1.50 ~update: When looking this online they are currently reduced to a pound!~  These do not include a corsage pin but they are ideal for those natural/naked themes that are big this season! These are also avalible in pink Peonies! (Sale does not apply to the pink Peony version)

Top Left: Chalkboard Heart Table Stands– £3 for six! These are great for personalised table names. These also come in a rectangular shape– £2 for six, for those who don’t want hearts everywhere.

Bottom Left: Heart Shaped Slate Boards– £1.50 each. These can also be brought in packs of 12 and 24 for additional discounts of up to £6! They’re definitely bigger then the table stands above- but ideal for table listings etc!

Right: Vintage Craft Flowers- £2 for two. Unfortunately I couldn’t find these anywhere on their website but I did see them in store-honest! These are perfect for those DIY brides they can be used for an extra touch on; centrepieces, belts, frames- the list can be endless!


Got anywhere you want me to look at next? Particular items to find the best deals on?Leave a comment!


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