I’ve tried a fair amount of the Superdrug exclusive Colour freedom hair dyes, one reason to try them out is because they are still fairly new to the market and the other is their reasonable price, most of their dyes come from £6.99 upwards. The 150ml is enough for me to do a full head of colour and then a top up a few weeks later (I have short hair as you’ll see in the images given)

Between my mother and I we have tried a fair amount of their Ultra Vibrant and Metallic Glory range, so I will give a review on both categories and what my recommendations would be, my opinion will be honest and we used freshly bleached hair as a base for these dyes.

Their Metallic Glory range became a big hit and was, in my opinion, what really kicked their brand off last year when grey hair was the main hair trend. I used the Graphite Grey dye some time last year, the colour was a lot darker then I had anticipated but this was my first time dipping in the grey hair trend. The colour stuck well to my hair and did was out to a lighter grey which became less harsh on my face, but my then I had decided that grey wasn’t my thing, so I added a blue dye over the grey to create a beautiful teal colour.

The recent addition to their Metallic Glory range was the Denim collection, my mother was the one to try these out, she had used the shade Vintage. This dye was put over dark brown hair so the colour payout was much darker then we had anticipated. At first our opinion on how this turned out was a mix, it looked great in the light, but it very quickly washed out and ended up having a green tinge to it which was not flattering.

Personally I prefer their Ultra Vibrant range, I currently have the shade Coral Blush on my hair as I type this, this was put on bleached hair. We was shocked after my hair dried as the colour was a lot lighter then what the box had shown, it was more pink then orange but I wasn’t mad one bit, it was a lovely colour. With the spare put aside for the top up I decided to mix in some Directions dye in the shade Apricot, this made the hair turn out very bright. You could see me from a mile away! A lot has washed out after a few washes but it still remains a lovely peach colour so again, I’m not mad one bit.

But the best dye in their whole range is their blues, I have used Truly Blue as has my mother, its currently what she has now. The dye will bleed a lot when washed, but as someone who has had dyed hair since I was 11 I’m rather used to the bleeding and am able to get it out of my pillowcases easily through the washing machine. The blue dye stays in your hair the longest in my opinion, probably because its so bright, but as it starts to wash out it does go slightly green. But its not an ugly green, its more of a mermaid/sea foam green which, come on, who doesn’t want mermaid hair?

My overall conclusion is that these dyes are great for the money, especially the blues. But make sure to look at hair samples so you know what the colour really comes out like. Unfortunately depending on the Superdrug you go to visit to, or you could find the full range on their website.

P.S. be ready for a lot of vain selfies, if you hover over the image it will tell you the dye used.


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