Bargain Monday #5

Giant champagne glasses, of course this could be used for the cheeky, middle aged mum joke of "I'll just have one glass" but these have so much potential for centerpieces. With crystals, flowers, candles the amount of potential with a single giant glass is endless.  height="2304">You can find these at Family Bargains for £8.99 each. 


Dress of the week

This weeks dress of the week was found in Perfect Wedding magazine, although I'm sorry to point out to the editors that they have made an error in their naming of the dress. I'm pleased to let you know that I have found the correct name for this dress, the dress featured is not Titania…


Most of my posts include images, though when looking through my page they don't appear to show up, is this the case for you readers out there? Please let me know in the comments!!