Because my sister (the bride I’m working with) didn’t like the blue hair pins, I started to think more ways to incorporate something blue into her bridal look. While trying to keep it original to fit her personality.

Then the idea struck, she is a fan of nails and nail art, so why not use this to our advantage?

I’ve found some images of various nail art that incorporates blue in some form, all of which can be altered to suit your style. I personally like the idea of having an accent nail for your ring finger, and what better way to do this then jewels and holo?

All credit goes to the artists that made these pieces!

Any opinions or suggestions for something blue, feel free to comment below!



6 thoughts on “More something blue ideas!

  1. I love the first image! You could also do a blue (your favourite shade) with a white nail wrap with a lace pattern. Alternatively a lace patterned stamped onto the blue would also look amazing! Maybe even some light blue shoes could work depending on the dress! I hope this helps!


      1. It takes a bit of practice. I started practice on paper because I was tired of redoing my Nails when the stamp didn’t work. However with the right polish and tools its pretty easy to learn. Let me know if you have any questions.


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