Between different cultures there are various types of wedding traditions.. The first one I’m looking at is the ‘big fat gypsy wedding’ culture.

Traditional gypsy families will often take on the responsibility of being the groom’s parents of finding the right bride for their son. Though this may not be the case with modern generations, the groom’s parents still take on a lot of responsibly and tend to have more sway over what goes on in the wedding.

Because both sides of the family are usually large, the wedding is a form of mass celebration and greeting between the two sides. Some celebrations may even spread over a few days.

With a big wedding comes a big budget, some TV shows have watched brides get the most poofiest, brightest and shiny wedding dress become their dream come true with custom designers. With a complimentary tiara of course.ย And we mustn’t forget the stag do, which can be just as costly.

Personally, I find these weddings a little OTT but they can be a good way to celebrate an important occasion and unite two families at the same time.

Are there other traditions within this culture regarding weddings? What are your opinions of this type of wedding? Should I make something like this a more in depth series of posts? Comment below!



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